can small retailers benefit from instagram in 2020

Can small retailers benefit from Instagram in 2020 ?


Can small retailers benefit from Instagram in 2020?

This article finds the answer to most common questions like Why Instagram for small retailers?  How to build up Long-term reach on Instagram?  How to engage your customer community on Instagram? How can small retailers benefit from Instagram in 2020?

In 2010 Instagram introduced picture sharing as a social network. By now, for many companies, the platform has grown into a central marketing tool and it can greatly benefit small retailers too. Instagram is a powerful platform for direct engagement with current and potential consumers, in addition to providing the ability to promote a brand or business itself and provide a look behind the scenes.

Why Instagram for small retailers?

Every day, 95 million pictures and videos are shared on Instagram, 1 billion people are active on the platform worldwide every month. Of the registered accounts, over 25 million are registered as business users.

Over the past few years, many businesses have found a way to show themselves and their products on Instagram. Above all, to give insights behind the scenes and to interact closely and personally with customers. Most of the Instagram users are private/individual users who share their personal memories and opinions. That is one of the key reasons why small retail companies will profit from social media platform interaction.

Connect with customers over and above opening times

Unlike supermarket chains, which often have an online shop as well as a large number of outlets, retailers typically rely solely on direct customer contact in the shop to complete the sales.

In these cases, the participation on social media sites may have a beneficial impact and also in the long term increase the number of transactions in general.

A total of 200 million Instagram users visit one company profile every day. After viewing Instagram stories, 62 percent of users say they were more interested in a brand. About 81 percent say their buying choices had a positive effect on organic content on Instagram before.

Create personal shopping experiences without contact with others

Many consumers especially appreciate detailed product details and a holistic presentation when purchasing goods for the first time.

can small retailers benefit from instagram in 2020
can small retailers benefit from Instagram in 2020

How to engage your customer community on Instagram?

Sending the mail

The fastest way to access your own consumer base easily-given you have contact details about your customers and they consent to use their data-is by email. Important details such as your Instagram account name and related branded hashtag can be shared using a short message. When creating and sending such an email, always be sure to pay attention to encrypting personal data and ideally create a mailing list.

At Shop

The most obvious way to attract customers’ attention to a new social media site is through updates in your own shop. Ideally, where consumers choose to spend a little more time in dressing rooms or at the cash register, for example. A well-placed note in the shop window is also a good way to meet potential clients who are strolling by during their opening hours.

Campaigns & Give-aways

An especially good way of through the effect of the two aforementioned strategies is to connect them to competitions.

can small retailers benefit from instagram in 2020
can small retailers benefit from Instagram in 2020

How to build up Long-term reach on Instagram?

Continuously post

Instagram operates on the basis of different algorithms that control which content is shown to whom, when, and where. Routine and consistent posting of content leads to the classification of a profile as more relevant, which in turn leads to posts being displayed to followers more prominently. The Instagram feed is not organized chronologically but for the respective user according to implied relevance.

Contact other users

Commenting on posts from other users or simply tapping on the “like” button will draw attention to your account and increase its reach. However, more importantly, engaging with your own customers as a brand builds a personal connection and quite often has a positive impact on consumer loyalty. Additionally, interaction with others can also lead to more interaction in exchange for your own messages, which also increases the value of your Instagram page.

Posts with Quick appeal to share

Feed posts can quickly be shared with the account that originally posted them in Instagram Stories. Sharing content within Instagram can significantly increase the reach of this content. This sharing contributes to new users seeing it, who may not have known about the products and services that have been displayed yet.

Using Instagram analytics tools.

Keep tracking your customers via some tracking tools such as Sociosyns, for engagement, growths, and planing strategy.



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